In the wild the African Serval cat also comes in black. Solid black and is known as melanistic.  Since the savannah cat is derived from the African Serval, it to can be a melanistic. My brown tabby mated with Bentley my pure savannah stud.  They created a small litter of F6A savannahs.  I have a male melanistic kitten wanting a new forever home.  He is a special little guy. He likes to play with water. He comes when I call him,  and he likes to play fetch!  He has tall ears. You can see 'ghost' spots 

within his black coat.  He loves to play fight with his half brother and sisters.  He has the same father as the pure savannah kittens.  He was born April 4th, 2022.  You can leave a non-refundable deposit of $100.  via Venmo to reserve him until its ok for him to leave me and his mom, by 10 to 12 weeks of age.

He is the largest kitten of both litters!




  Zahra and her 'look-a-like" daughter, Zahreena is an F4 SBT Savannah kitten from Huntington Beach, California!  She is available and you may make a reservation of $300. to hold her.  She will be ready to go to your home 9-25-17! Please contact us if interested. Price varies depending on if she will be a pet or a breeder.  From $2,450  




                             Please concentrate on pages dated 5/2022 for available kittens                                     


                                  ALL F4 & F3 SAVANNAH KITTYS ARE SOLD .  

                                  These are kittens from our past litters







         What The 'F'?  The 'F' explained    


Fabulous F4 SBT Pure Savannah boy kitty with great markings ,black nose and black paw-pads!

Great litter box habits and very playful and loving. Just call 'kitty kitty kitty" and he comes!

Contact Us                          SOLD 


I call this absolutely gorgeous F4 SBT Savannah boy 'Dark Angel". He is playful and curious and loves to bat a ball around. Very adjusted to people. Great litterbox habits. One of the biggest kittens in the litter. Black nose, black paw-pads, fabulous spots and those ears! They are usually straight up!


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Another mommie 'look-a-like' girl. This F4 SBT Savannah is definetly the smallest. Fabulous markings. Big ears. Great litterbox habits. Like her sister and all her brothers, she loves people. Very curious and playful.




This is one big F4 SBT Savannah boy! He cracks me up! He meows while he eats! By far the largest kitten in the litter! He is the most talkative kitty. He loves to get hugged. A bit of a floppy kitten!


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Please contact us by going to our contact page and be sure to place your questions in the message portion of the form. We will take personal checks as a reservation in the amount of $300., non refundable. This will go toward the total purchase price. Prices start at $2,200 Be informed about the Savannah kittens by visiting several sites. These kittens are 'SBTs". Considered pure Savannahs by TICA. F4 SBTs are the first generation that qualify to be show cats. Kittens come with first two sets of vaccines, a vet check and health guarantee. All these Savannahs are considered BST (brown spotted tabby) an approved TICA color with the exception of boy 1. He is considered a 'smokey' which is an approved color by TICA.                                                                    Contact Us

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