Here are 3 gorgeous male savannah F6As. The "A" represents that an outcross was used (one of the parents is not a savannah) in the breeding. In this case, the mother is a regular brown tabby cat. The first two kittens look more like pure savannahs then a lot of pure savannahs do! All 3 kittens are so loving and have had a lot of huges since their eyes opened. The 3rd kitten is very unique. The orange color is not really a standard savannah color but you can see spots in his coat. All 3 of these boys have the straight high up big ears! Just like their father. Any of these guys will make a fabulous and loving companion for many years to come. Great litter box habits and they all come to kitty kitty. But they would love to have their own name to come to. Take one of these babies home and you won't be disappointed. 


Ready for new homes after October 16, 2022


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G0rgeous F4 boy just in time for Christmas! He is the biggest in the litter! it is possible he may get as big as his 15 month old brother Rufus who is over 22 pounds. Same parents. He is a playful doll. We spend a lot a time with our kittens so they are never meek and shy.  A lovable guy!  Please note: Even though F4 savannah males are typically infertile they should be fixed. He is already on canned food and is learning great litter box habits.

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