Exotic Hybrid Kittens with Wild Unique Looks! Savannah/Lynx/Jungle Bob Kittens

One girl, two boys available. Both boys have polydactyl paws, (extra toes). Girl does not.

Unique, gorgeous and darling! Rounded lynx ears with a wild looking muzzle. Bred sturdy and strong. Unlike the sleak & lean pure Savannah. But just like the Savannah, they are very dog-like. Ready for new homes.


As of 5/23/2022 these kittens are 12 weeks old, the perfect age to go to their forever home! These hybrid won't last. You can make a $200. deposit while we work out the details. GO TO OUR CONTACT PAGE​ with all your questions and concerns.  From $1,200. pet only-Will be larger than our Savannahs

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